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At Murcia Dreams, we only sell properties that meet a precise criteria when it comes to price & quality, so rest assured that we have your needs covered

What We Do?

Services of excellence

Our services are not just limited to listing your property, doing viewings and making sure the sale goes a smooth as possible. Murcia Dreams prides itself on providing quality guarantee on all of the properties we list

Buy a property

Nothing easier than buying your dream property through MD, we are here for you from start until your have signed your title deeds to make sure you get what you expect and were promised. We have set up a choice of lawyers and lawfirms to help you with the legal side but we are also happy to work with any lawyer you have choosen as we think its of utmost importance that you have a trusted relationship with your representative.

All our viewings are executed with a very simple idea in mind: find you the right property which ticks most of the boxes. This means we are not driven by a quick sale but by making sure your MD comes true as our’s did many years ago.

Quality Guarantee

Unique in the real estate market MD is also offering a Quality Guarantee for any new build properties. This means that our in house architect will make sure that the builder is delivering what they have promised from a technical and architectural point of view checking the builders specification and details.

This service is designed to help you to make sure the building regulations are met, the executing of the work is adequate to standard and materials used are meeting the technical description of the developer (memoria de calidades). We have in mind that overseas clients are maybe not aware and familiar with the regulations in Spain and think this is an unfair situation leaving the buyer unprotected so MD is offering this service to make sure your get what you have been promised.

Selling Your property

MD is counting on over 25 years of experience in the real estate market in the Murcia Region and we use all our knowledge to make sure that your property is priced according to market and showcased to a maximum audience. We are using classic tools like portals (rightmove, a-place-in-the-sun, kyero) as well as our famous virtual open houses, 360 degrees walk through tours and many more.

Property valuation

Our experience and market knowledge over 25 years allows us to provide you with a complete market survey and to give your best advice about the possibilities to market your precious home in the sun. Together with our staging team we will make sure your property is priced right and reflects the actual value.


MD is providing a professional staging service to make your property stick out from the rest and to assure the best exposure possible. This includes tips & tricks how to present the listing in the best way possible and sometimes it might be necessary to invest a small amount to achieve the best value possible. Our staging service is provided by Nina´s home decoration service

“Murcia Dreams is a new platform for real estate and life style for the Murcia Region”

How We Work!

Simple, easy and without hassle

If you're looking for properties for sale in Murcia, the last thing you want is a lengthy and difficult sales process. That's why our team makes things as easy and straightforward as possible. To help, we've broken things down into four simple steps.

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Step - 1

Book a viewing

Step - 2

Sale negotiation

Step - 3

Sign the paperwork

Step - 4
Murcia Dreams


Our Exclusive Team of 6 Industry Professionals with a combined experience of 162 years, all residing in Murcia will ‘ENSURE TO MAKE IT YOUR REALITY’.



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