Embarking on the Camino de Levante: A Spiritual Journey to Caravaca de la Cruz

Discover the Camino de Levante, a revered hiking and religious pilgrimage route leading to Caravaca de la Cruz in Murcia. Murcia Dreams

Embarking on the Camino de Levante: A Spiritual Journey to Caravaca de la Cruz

Pilgrimage Preparations: Caravaca de la Cruz

Gears Up for the Holy Jubilee As the year 2024 approaches, Caravaca de la Cruz, in the northwest of Murcia, is bracing itself for the influx of thousands of walkers and religious pilgrims. The city is set to host its 7-yearly Holy Jubilee, marking a significant spiritual event. Among the various routes available for walkers, the "Camino de Levante" stands out as the primary path, covering approximately 120 kilometres from Orihuela in Alicante province to the revered destination of Caravaca.


Five Stages of Spiritual Exploration


1. Orihuela to Murcia: The Riverside Reverie

Embark on a scenic journey alongside the River Segura, covering 24 kilometers from Orihuela to Murcia. Enjoy approximately 6 hours of genuine rural tourism, with the Cathedra of El Salvador serving as your starting point. Cap off your day with a well-deserved dinner in the capital of the Region of Murcia.

2. Murcia to Alguazas: Fields and Monuments

Traverse the "huerta" crop fields and orchards of Murcia on this 26-kilometer stretch towards Alguazas. Witness landmarks like the Museo de la Huerta in Alcantarilla and the monumental water wheel and aqueduct in La Ñora. Explore the historical church of Nuestra Señora in Molina de Segura before reaching Alguazas for a restful night.


3. Alguazas to Mula: Through the Badlands

Embark on a 26-kilometer stage through the spectacular "Badlands," shaped by millennia of water erosion. Encounter Roman remains, including the villa of Los Villaricos and the castle of Alcalá in La Puebla de Mula, revealing the historical tapestry of the region.

4. Mula to Bullas: Amidst Vineyards

Enter the Regional Park of the Sierra Espuña mountains on this 21-kilometer stage characterized by vineyards. Enjoy the breathtaking landscape and make a stop at El Niño de Mula. Reach Bullas, known for its protected Denomination of Origin wine, and explore the wine museum before celebrating the penultimate stage.


5. Bullas to Caravaca de la Cruz: The Final Stretch

Embark on the last 21 kilometres, climbing 200 meters, as you approach the Holy City of Caravaca. Traverse the greenway, following an old railway line, passing through pine groves and vineyards. Explore the heritage of Cehegín, visit the ruined city of Begastri, and finally, reach Caravaca de la Cruz. The Sanctuary of the Holy Cross awaits at the summit, marking the end of a transformative pilgrimage.

The Reward of Effort: Arrival at Caravaca de la Cruz

After completing the final stretch, pilgrims are greeted by the profound presence of the Sanctuary of the Holy Cross atop the hill in Caravaca de la Cruz. The journey, undoubtedly challenging, unfolds as a rewarding and spiritually enriching experience. 

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