Explore the Rich History of Puerto de Mazarr?n with Murcia Dreams

Uncover the rich history of Puerto de Mazarr?n with Murcia Dreams. Explore ancient Roman villas, reservoirs, aqueducts, and archaeological sites.

Explore the Rich History of Puerto de Mazarr?n with Murcia Dreams

Explore the Rich History of Puerto de Mazarrón with Murcia Dreams Discover the captivating archaeological sites and cultural gems that await you in Puerto de Mazarrón. As your trusted real estate agency, Murcia Dreams invites you to uncover the remnants of ancient civilizations and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of this coastal town.

Villa del Alamillo Archaeological Site

Step back in time as you explore the Villa del Alamillo Archaeological Site. This remarkable site showcases Roman villas that were once self-sufficient dwellings. Witness the industrial area dedicated to the production of salted fish, a common trade in coastal regions. Admire the six pools used for fish salting and the production of garum, a flavorful fish sauce. Located on Alamillo Beach, this villa, dating back to the 1st century AD, also boasted thermal baths and an agricultural area irrigated by the nearby Alamillo pond.

El Alamillo Reservoir

In Calle Cabo Finisterre, a hidden gem awaits. The El Alamillo Reservoir, a Roman water distribution pond, was likely constructed during the 1st century AD. With its rectangular shape and walls made of stone and lime, this reservoir could store approximately 250,000 liters of water. It served as a vital resource, supplied by a 5-kilometer aqueduct that transported water from a now-dried-up spring.

El Arco Aqueduct

Near the Roman pond, on Cabo Oyambre Street, you'll discover a section of the El Arco Aqueduct. Although not of Roman origin, this aqueduct, built in the 18th-19th century, transported water from the Alamillo source. It played a crucial role until recent decades when the spring ran dry and the irrigated crops were abandoned.

Roman House and Archaeological Museum

Take a journey through history as you explore Era Street, where a group of single-family dwellings and a necropolis were discovered. The remains you see today are part of a late Roman house complex, showcasing the layout and distribution of rooms typical of classical Roman architecture. The Archaeological Museum declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, houses the remains of a late Roman factory dedicated to the production of salted fish and garum sauce. Learn about the process of cleaning, chopping, and salting fish, and discover the significance of garum in Roman cuisine through informative panels and exhibits.

Phoenician Boat Interpretation Centre

Uncover the ancient seafaring history of Puerto de Mazarrón at the Phoenician Boat Interpretation Centre. This center showcases the remains of the Phoenician ship Mazarrón 1 and Mazarrón 2, the oldest Phoenician vessels discovered in the Mediterranean. Learn about Phoenician history, culture, and their commercial itineraries through a collection of explanatory panels. Marvel at the reproduction of a typical Phoenician ship and gain insights into the fascinating Phoenician civilization.

Old Supply Entrance to Las Salinas

Located on La Pava Beach, the remains of the Old Supply Entrance to Las Salinas bear witness to the centuries-old practice of salt extraction. Although these remains date back to the 20th century, the exploitation of salt in the region may have begun during Roman times. The water was pumped in through a distinctive pumping machine, creating a characteristic noise that earned it the name "pim-pam."

Would you like to discover another ancient town in the Murcia Region? Murcia Dreams advises you to visit Cartagena and its ancient Roman amphitheatre. 

Let Murcia Dreams guide you to the historical and cultural treasures of Puerto de Mazarrón. Whether you seek a property in this enchanting town or wish to explore its captivating past, we are here to make your dreams a reality.

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