The most exotic sports you can practice in the Mar Menor

Discover the most exotic water sports to practice in the Mar Menor, from flyboarding and hoverboarding to electric water bikes and foiling.

The most exotic sports you can practice in the Mar Menor

Water sports are one of the main attractions of the Region, and with summer just around the corner, the good weather invites us to practice them and visit the coast. There is no better scenario for this than the Mar Menor. Calm, warm and shallow, it allows the practice of these sports in wonderful conditions. Active tourism companies in the Region provide rental equipment and materials so you don't have to worry about anything. In recent years, they have also offered new alternatives in extreme water sports.


Flyboarding consists of a board under your feet with two powerful downward jets that allow you to fly over the water, dive into the water, jump like a dolphin, and perform all kinds of pirouettes. It is easier than it sounds, and almost everyone manages to fly the first time. It doesn't require physical strength, but balance and, above all, being comfortable playing in the water. You can try this activity at schools like Profly, located in the port of Tomás Maestre.


If the Flyboard is not enough for you, the next step is the Hoverboard. It is done with a propelled board, similar to a snowboard. Previous experience is necessary as it is a bit more complicated to handle than the Flyboard. At Profly, you can also enjoy this activity.

Water bikes

Water bikes are bicycles that run on an electric motor, and are powered by batteries and the pedalling of their single passenger. To get around, instead of wheels, the water bike has a system of propellers and carbon fibre blades with which you propel yourself. KalimaCharter offers rentals and even for sale.

Surfing with a 'magic board'

Oil is an electric surfboard with a submerged hydrofoil that lifts the board above the water at high speed. It has an electric motor that moves you effortlessly through the water. The foil is a unique activity for kitesurfing and surfing lovers. You can enjoy it thanks to the company KalimaCharter from La Manga.

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